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Hexie Hot Air Balloons!

This week, I made another version of Hexie Hot Air Balloons and this time I added pom poms to the balloon baskets! … and if a little bit of a good thing is cute, then a lot of it will be amazing! So five and a half yards of pom pom trim later, I had it stitched into the binding all the way around, hahaha!

I taught this class all day yesterday, so I wanted a new version to show the students what was possible with the pattern (scroll to the bottom to see all their class quilts, they are soooo cute).

Here, I will show you how to add trim into your piecing…. and binding :) This would be cute with ric-rack too!

Across the top of the balloon basket, I placed a piece of trim right at the edge. I used an ⅛” seam allowance to stay-stitch it in place, this way the rest of my piecing at ¼” will hide the stay-stitch.

I stitched the binding to the BACK of the quilt all the way around.

Then starting at one corner, I rolled the binding from the back to the front and tucked the pom pom trim in just under the binding edge.

Move your needle position all the way to the left, and stitch the very edge of the binding down securing the trim in place. I do not typically pin it in place all the way around before starting, but you could definitely do that if it’s being difficult.

Now, as promised :) here are the quilts the girls did in yesterday’s class.

Aren’t those just the cutest?! This pattern is so fast everyone finished their whole quilt top in class.

If you would like to get your hands on this pattern, you can purchase it in the SHOP HERE.

I hope that inspires some fun ideas!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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