Double Machine Binding With Piping


I prepare my basic binding and sew it to the back of the quilt all the way around, joining the ends together as I would before rolling it to the front to topstitch it down. You can find my tutorial on that process HERE.


I cut enough piping strips ¾” wide to go around the whole quilt, plus about 10”. Sew them all together end to end on the diagonal just as you would binding strips. Cut the excess away from the seams and press open. Now, fold it in half and press down the length of the strip. It should measure ⅜” (kinda small).


Starting close to an end (about 2” from the corner), place the piping piece just under the edge of the binding as it is wrapped around to the top of the quilt, being careful to leave enough of the piping to go clear to the end plus an inch or so. Put a couple pins through the binding to hold it in place as you get ready to sew.

Set your needle position to the left and carefully take a couple of stitches to secure the layers in place. You will be topstitching to catch the binding and the piping tucked between it and the top of the quilt. I work my way down the quilt a couple inches at a time, tucking the piping in just as I’m coming to it. I’m not a big fan of pinning everything first because inevitably I end up having to adjust and readjust as I go.


About 2” from the end, I stop and clip off the excess piping strip. I lay it along the next edge and tuck and pin the corner to hold it secure while stitching it down. I work my way around each corner and each edge until back at the first corner, and then I close it all up.