How To Cut Scallop Borders… The No Math Way!

Have you ever wanted to do a scallop border on a quilt, but then had second thoughts? Because it involves a lot of marking and calculations to get your scallops, just right? Well, that’s exactly the position I was in when I dreamed up my no math, fool-proof way to add scallops to my quilts almost twenty years ago! I've used this method dozens and dozens of times, and it works with every single quilt.

I shared this method in a blog before, but it’s so much better to watch someone do it. I whipped up a scrap quilt from the free Many Morsels scrap quilt pattern, then added a border… all to show you how it’s done, haha!.... and because I thought it would be fun to make a holiday scrap quilt :) See my new YouTube video below, and watch the magic of scallop borders happen. You will love how easy this is!

Here is a link to the free Many Morsels scrap quilt, in case you are itching to make one. I just added a 4½” border to mine. Here's a link to the scallop template, I used in the video. If you’d like to buy one of the holiday fat quarter bundles, you can find those here. We have a very limited number, but we’d be happy to send you one!

Happy Sunday everyone,


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