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Cheat Sheet: Preparing your Quilt for the Quilter

Here, this should help!

I get asked all the time how I want quilts and backings prepared before customers bring their quilts. I know I am far less picky than most quilters (I've heard some horror stories), and I don't mind taking a quilt wadded in a grocery bag once in a while 😆 (it happens). In addition to pressing out the top nice and flat, I put together this little cheat sheet infographic to help you remember some other key things. No matter who your quilter is, they will appreciate these things; they may have a few things to add, but this will give you a head start!

If you'd like to print and save this for yourself, I've made it available as a free PDF download here.

I hope this helps! And, I'd love to hear your stories around this subject 😜

Happy Sunday, everyone! Happy Holidays!!


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