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Put A label On It!

Labeling the quilts I've made is not something I’m good at, and I hope those quilts will all be used, to death, long before someone thinks to figure out who made them and why! Haha! Nothing would make me happier :) But then, I do like to read the labels on other people's quilts… I know, nosey right? It’s something about the history and the story they tell. I’ve worked up four main categories for labeling quilts and the kind of information you would include in each! This might help you tell a little about the story of your quilt in label form.

The Minimalist

This label is pretty bare bones, just the basics. Who made the quilt, and Who it was made for. Done.

The Professional

While still basic, this label has a few more details. In addition to the to-and-from information, it may also include the name of the quilt and year it was made, the size, the material used (I.E. 100% cotton). It should also include both the piecer's name and the machine quilter's name (if it was professionally longarm quilted).

The Historian

This label reads just like it sounds! Full of historical information for future generations. You can include just about anything of significance in this label. In addition to all the information from the professional label, the historian may include the occasion the quilt was made for, who designed it, and was it an original design or someone else's pattern? Memorable facts: was it made from a loved one's old clothes or ties? Maybe it would even include a favorite quote or verse.

The Eccentric

This is where the wheels come off! Haha! This label should be the size of a full page and include everything above, possibly adding the story of the quilt's inspiration, the care and washing instructions, and a veiled threat to the recipient: if not treated with care, you will come back to haunt them in their dreams ;) you get the idea… go to town!

Well there you have it, that was fun! I might get better at labeling my own quilts now!

If you would like to print this as a handy infographic click HERE

Happy Sunday, everyone! And Merry Christmas!


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