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Jingle Bell Stocking

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell…. SOCK!

It’s that time of year :) I’ve been decorating and drinking eggnog all week… from a thimble of course, because of moderation and all that. I do not have a chimney, but I decided to make a Christmas stocking just in case Santa sneaks in through the dryer vent; a stretch I know, but it is a magical time of year after all!

Many of you have probably made a stocking or two in your sewing adventures, but how about this cute cuff idea? It could be used as trim around a pillowcase or maybe even layered between borders in place of something like prairie points. The possibilities are endless, and I hope you’ll adapt it to a project of your own! Until then, I’ll show you how I made my stocking; I’ve included a PDF downloadable pattern here of the pieces you will need to make one of your own.

I quilted two mirror image stocking pieces to batting with simple straight lines for the front and back of my stocking. I used fusible web to attach the toe and heel pieces (cut out of shimmery gold fabric) to the front of the stocking and stitched down the edge with a straight stitch (you could also do satin stitch here). If you want a refresher tutorial on this method, see my post here on Fusible Applique technique.

Next, I cut a piece of the shimmery gold fabric for the cuff (this is a knit fabric about 9”x 18”) and pressed fusible interfacing to the back side of it; then cut it into two strips at 4” x 17”. This post from a couple weeks ago shows you how to turn any fabric into usable piecing fabric by putting fusible web on it!

I marked the center of the top strip and then every two inches in either direction leaving the last half inch on each end for the seam allowance. Using the PDF template or a round glass vase like I did, mark a curve between each of the spacer lines.

Pin everything in place and sew along the curved line pivoting at each point as you go.

Clip out the curves leaving only about 1/8th of an inch seam allowance. Turn the cuff right side out, and poke out each point with a pokey tool like this bamboo one.

Lay the two sides of the stocking together, and sew the inside seam from the top down, about six inches. Press this seam open.

Center the cuff along the top edge, and pin in place. Sew it down with a ¼” seam allowance.

Fold the two sides of the stocking together, and pin all the way around. Start at the partial seam end and finish stitching the rest of the stocking leaving the top edge open.

You see the unfinished ends of the cuff are stitched into the side seam of the stocking.

Cut two stocking pieces out of lining fabric. Stitch these together leaving a 3 – 4” opening at the bottom for turning the stocking.

Put the outer stocking into the lining with the two sides facing each other right sides together.

Now, I’m going to teach you a handy trick! Take 8-10 lengths of thread about 25” long. Feed them as one through a hole in an empty bobbin. Put the bobbin on your machines winder and hold both ends of your thread bundle straight up as you “wind” the bobbin. Once the thread gets really twisted, you can double it over and it will twist against itself to create a little rope. Pinch it at the bottom as you cut it off the bobbin, and tie the end in a knot to keep it from unwinding.

You can make any color hanging rope with whatever thread you are using in the piecing. Perfect match!

Create a loop with your thread rope and tuck it in between the lining and cuff at the outside seam. Pin the top edge in place, and sew it all the way around with a 3/8th of an inch seam.

Pull the stocking right side out through the hole in the bottom of the lining, sew this hole closed and tuck the lining back down into the stocking. Give the loop a little tug and you’re set!

I decided to add some little bells to the ends of each point, and I’m so glad I did :) You might not want to trim your pillowcase with bells, but It sure adds the perfect touch here.

Merry Christmas everyone! I would really love to see what you do with this idea!


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