Hollow Star Table Runner

Here’s a freebie for you guys! I made my Hollow Star design into a table runner, and I’ll show you how to make your own for the holidays out of your favorite fancy fabric :)

Last week, I showed you how to use fusible interfacing to make just about any fabric useable for piecing (see that post here). Today, I will show you what I did with those fancy fabrics! Sorry, the directions are a little crude (no fancy illustrated pattern, just pictures), I’m sure you’ll get the idea, and I will link to a couple of other tutorials that give better detail for certain steps.

Here’s what you will need:

2) strips cut at 2.5” of each of three different star fabrics

3) strips cut at 4.5” of the background white fabric

2) strips cut at 2.5” of the background white fabric

Using the 60 degree line on your regular 6”x 24” ruler, cut the 2.5” star fabric strips into (6) 2.5” diamonds and (6) 4.5” parallelograms. Repeat this step for each of the three fabrics.

Take the 4.5” white strips and cut (16) 4.5” diamonds from the three strips. Then cut (18) 2.5” diamonds from the 2.5” white strips.

Now, lay your pieces out in piles as shown. You should have enough pieces to make six different star points with each fabric.

Sew the small white diamond to the small star fabric diamonds and press the seam to the white. Then, sew the parallelogram to the diamond set and press the seam towards the star fabric.

Lay the six star points out in sets of two, creating a full star. You will sew one of the large white diamonds into each set with a Y seam where my finger is pointing (see tutorial on Y seams here).

Now, sew the star units together with a Y seam to bring it together in the middle and nest two more large background diamonds into the outside edge of the star leaving one space open. Repeat this same layout with one more star, and then the third star will get a background diamond in each space around the star. This way, the two partial stars/hexagons will nest up to the complete star/hexagon in the center.

I was unsure of the of what to do with the triangle spaces left open along the edge. I could put white background triangles in to fill the space, or I could use more of the star fabric to give the impression that the stars continue off the table runner.

I went with the star fabric idea and cut (4) 4.5” 60 degree triangles to fill those spaces. Here it is on the longarm after I put some simple lines in for quilting.

I used the self flanged binding trick to add a little pop of gold to the outside edge! (see the tutorial on that method here).

And va va voom! A fancy-ish table runner with velvet, shiny linen, and flimsy dress fabric all with a hint of gold to bring it together. My holiday table is set :)

Hollow Star Table Runner adapted from my Hollow Star pattern!

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