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Port Gamble Welcomes The Quilted Life

Want to go on an adventure? Well, you’re in luck because we went on one yesterday and took all the photos necessary to bring you along! You’ll feel like you were there without the regret of indulging in all the sweets we did throughout the day (I swear, why is it so easy to nibble your way through cute towns?).

There is a beautiful quilt shop in Port Gamble, Washington called Quilted Strait, they have asked to host a couple of my quilts for their summer trunk show. Instead of packing them up and shipping them, we thought this could be a great opportunity to do a quilt photo shoot in one of the most picturesque old milling towns in Washington (the mill only just closed down in 1995, having been the oldest continuous operating mill in North America). It’s one of those towns where the houses have little white picket fences around the yards, no doubt holding in all the faded memories from yesteryear, to say it’s charming is an understatement.

I snapped a few photos of our photographer hard at work. We staged quilts around town on banisters, fences and staircases, chatted with curious onlookers passing by (it seems everyone has a connection to quilting in their family history, how fun :)

We crept around the most beautiful vacant Victorian home on the bluff, and stopped for homemade caramel marshmallows and lemon bars in a sweet mom and pop cafe (i’m pretty sure I was in a diabetic coma by the time we caught the ferry home).

This stunning chapel made the perfect backdrop for my newest pattern “Champagne and Pearls”. You’re seeing a sneak peak here, the pattern will be out shortly! What a day! And kinda fun to share some of the behind the scenes stuff with you all. Here’s a slideshow with more photos from around town. I hope you enjoyed “your” adventure ;)

I heard from several of you after the last blog that you wanted to comment but were unable to because it was locked down with Facebook somehow. Well, I think we got that fixed so comment away! I would love to hear from you :)


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