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Aztec Diamond Krista
Aztec Diamond Quilt
Aztec Diamond Quilt
Aztec Diamond Pattern
Aztec Diamond Quilt
Aztec Diamond Quilt
Aztec Diamond Quilt

Break out your favorite jelly roll!

This quilt constructed entirely of 2½” strips was inspired by Native American design. The appeal of the light to dark colors in diamonds makes an ombre effect reminiscent of 70’s patterns. Basically a beginner’s pattern, it is easy enough for anyone with basic quilting experience, it only looks difficult. A fun contemporary quilt, it can be made in a variety of colors. Includes step-by-step instructions with plenty of illustrations to make your quilting experience fun and successful.


Finished size: 59” X 79”  

This is a twin-size bed quilt that can easily be modified to any size.

Basic skills required

Rotary cutting

Sew an accurate 1/4" seam  


Recommended with this pattern

12" 60 degree triangle ruler preferred

Rotary cutting mat  

Thread to match  

Sewing machine in good working order


Fabric Requirements

Five assorted colors: dark to light

Colors 1-3: 1 yard each

Colors 4-5: ⅔ yard each

Contrasting color for diamonds: 1½ yards

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